The Trinity School Homeschooling Partnership 2019-2020

The Trinity School Homeschool Partnership Program is here to provide support for parents who choose to homeschool their children, but want them to have group experiences as well.  Homeschool partnership is available to children in grades kindergarten through fifth.  The program will run two days per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  Tuition is based on two days a week for 34 weeks and is broken into 10 monthly (August-May) payments.
  • Registration Fee (non refundable): $150.00
  • Tuition for all homeschoolers:  $2,380.00 annually or $238.00 per month
  • Book fee (K-5th): $450.00
The Trinity School uses the Abeka Christian curriculum and we ask that homeschool parents utilize this same curriculum.  This utilization provides a consistent, cohesive presentation of curriculum whether the child is learning at home or at school.  Homeschool children will be working at the same pace and on the same skills as their in-school classmates.  This also allows the teacher and the parent to gauge progress, complete with strengths and weaknesses.  (A word of caution for parents who might want to get a jump start:  the Abeka homeschool catalog does not provide all of the school curriculum and vice versa.  Do not purchase Abeka homeschool materials unless you are planning to use them as enrichment or remediation.  We will order your child’s books once the book fee has been paid.)
Special-area classes that your child may participate in include technology, music, art, PE, and conversational Spanish.  The word may is emphasized because a definite special-area schedule will not be agreed upon until school starts.  We are not sure which specials will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
You and your child(ren) will be cordially invited to participate in class field trips and special activities (parties, celebrations, etc.)
If you have qny questions or concerns regarding this program, please call The Trinity School at 770-386-7479.